Charles J. Turner

Portraits by Charles James

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The history of portraiture dates back to the earliest kings, queens, emperors, and anyone deemed important enough to be documented or have a work of art made in their honor. In today's culture of the almighty "selfie", the portrait is becoming a lost art. Initially there are 2 types of portraits: studio, and environmental.

Most of us have either heard of or taken portraits at the mall. This is an example of studio portraits. Studio lighting and a backdrop are used to create a specific look or theme. These are very generic type of photos, but ultimately very consistent. The elements aren't usually a factor as studio lighting is always optimal when set and used properly.

Environmental is what we see in engagement photos, family portraits in the home or a familiar environment such as the park, beach, or city scape. These are the type of photos that need to be planned carefully around location, weather, and lighting conditions based on the desired outcome.




At current, we only offer environmental portraits. However, we do have the limited ability to do head shots and other small single person type portraits utilizing a plain background/chroma key.




This is your chance to be creative and show the real you, or just copy something cool that you saw. There is no shame in borrowing ideas. The idea behind environmental portraits is that you get to make it as personal as you want to. The place, its significance, and what you are doing then moment the camera captures you is all up to you. We will work with you to make sure that every moment is captured exactly how you see it in your head. Each session includes the following:


  • Photographer with professional equipment
  • Unlimited number of poses
  • Minor touch up and color balance/correction
  • Free online viewing of digital proofs via link
  • Digital download of all finished photos




  • Print ready digital files on a disc
  • Print ready digital files on a USB flashdrive
  • All photos duplicated and finished in black and white